Modern agriculture and aquaponic infrastructure in the Czech Republic

Company Structure

Modern agriculture and aquaponic infrastructure in the Czech Republic

Future Farming’s mission is to develop and spread modern agricultural technologies worldwide. We want to be a synonym for modern agriculture. We are building an aquaponics infrastructure in the Czech Republic to help us fulfil our mission. 

Financial sector

GFF Investment Group

Enthusiastic people. Ground-breaking projects. Innovative companies. They can already positively shape our lives. The mission of the GFF Investment Group is to enhance their value and influence their collective future.

Research and development

Association of Aquaponic Farms

We are the only ones who effectively combine the potential of aquaponics with practice. We are giving all of you the opportunity to get involved in this process. We are building healthier agriculture, bringing healthy products to people, and respecting the environment.

Future Farming Research Centre in Kaly

Future Farming’s state-of-the-art research centre in Kaly is a part of the farm of the same name near Tišnov. At in-house laboratories, the research team headed by Miroslav Fojtík explores new possibilities of modern agricultural technologies. 

Primary production of inputs


Our feedstuff is based on the needs of fish. We realise that fish breeding is the core of business for every farm, and we want to help our customers achieve optimum production with our feedstuff.

Fish hatchery

Future Farming has completed the process of building its own hatchery and fish tanks for rainbow trout. We have our own broodstock of this popular domestic fish.

Seedling production

Continuous production of plant seedlings for production farms is provided by the department at Kaly Farm. All seedlings are kept under control from seed to harvest.

Technology and development

Future Farming

The production of technologies and the supply of technological units in the form of modern farms are ensured by Future Farming’s production and sales activities.

We offer modern agricultural technologies for communities and households. You will find everything you need for home aquaponics, hydroponics, and RAS in our assortment. 

Large-scale food production

Future Farming’s farm in Heršpice

In the Brno district of Heršpice, you can find the largest commercial aquaponic farm in the Czech Republic to date.

Future Farming’s farm in Kaly

One of our aquaponic farms is located in Moravia, north of Brno. It is situated in the place of an old disused building, which we have revitalised and adapted for construction. The farm is primarily used to produce the highest quality food, but also for research and presentation purposes. 

Future Farming’s farm in Přerov nad Labem

Our fourth aquaponic farm in the Czech Republic is located on a two-hectare piece of land in Přerov nad Labem.

Production processing and sales

Farmia Food

Farmia Food processes and markets Czech regional food of the highest quality throughout the year.

Future Farming offers technologies for modern agriculture


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