Now is the time <br><span class="invert">Join us and create the future of agriculture.</span>

Future Farming Trade Licence

Now is the time
Join us and create the future of agriculture.

Future Farming Hobby Trade Licence

Get a two-year licence for distribution and sale of the A-shape – the family aquaponic system, accessories, fish stock and feed, seedlings, and complete equipment for ensuring food self-sufficiency. The A-shape is ideal for family farms, geographic communities, and interest groups. Profit from the development of sustainable agriculture! We will not restrict you with conditions, but provide you with marketing and commercial support.

Who is the A-shape designed for?

  • Family and community farms (gardener associations, environment enthusiasts)
  • City households
  • Gardening and hobby markets
  • Educational facilities and research institutes (primary and secondary schools, universities)
  • Family estate developers, investors and others 

Licence price


What you get with a Future Farming Hobby trade licence:

  • Top quality equipment

    The licence includes 3 A-shape systems with a production capacity of up to 80 kg of green vegetables a month (from each system) and a tank for 50–75 kg of fish.

  • Commercial support

    Periodically, we'll provide you with relevant contacts from the specific market. We will significantly simplify your business process.

  • Marketing support

    We will promote your company in all our official communication channels including our website, e-mails, social media, etc.

  • Know-how integration

    The licence includes periodic training sessions to enhance the licensee's commercial and technical skills.

  • Wholesale prices

    Increase your profit and business stability with wholesale prices for our partners.

Future Farming Trade Licence PRO

Get an exclusive three-year licence with automatic extension if terms are met. We share our know-how with our partners for the quick progression of  business success.

The price of the licence for sales representatives of Future Farming includes the construction of a showroom, and the integration of our business processes and expertise into your portfolio.

Licence price


Get a trade licence from Future Farming and secure yourself a place on the front line. What you get with the licence:

  • Exclusive territorial sales representation

    Exclusive representation of Future Farming in product, technology, and service sales

  • Marketing support for expansion

    Active local support of business strategy and regular exchange of business contacts.

  • Integration of business processes and know-how

    The programme includes periodic training sessions to enhance the licensee's commercial and technical skills

  • Regular exchange of business contacts

    The sales representative will be published on the licensor's website. At the same time, the licensee will receive client contacts in the given area who are interested in cooperation.

  • Supply and servicing of products and technologies

    Supply and servicing of technologies in the field are provided by the licensor during the first six months. After this period has elapsed, full responsibility is transferred onto the licensed partner.

  • Wholesale prices for partners

    Increase your profit and business stability with wholesale prices for exclusive sales partners.

  • In-house showroom packed with modern technologies

    The liabilities of the licensee include goods purchases from the licensor with a minimum value of €1 million per year from the contract execution.

Why get a trade licence from Future Farming

We are a worldwide supplier of modern agriculture technological units. We are the first Czech company to deal with the commercial construction of aquaponic, hydroponic, and RAS farms. Our A-shape family systems have already attracted many investors and have gained a firm position not only in the plans of developer projects but also in ordinary gardens.


    As little as € 50,000 is enough to start an attractive business in modern agriculture 4.0. To succeed, you will receive contacts, products, and complete support from us.


    Our technologies for modern farming have been developed, produced, and further improved on our own farms in Central Europe. We are a leader in the field and continue to grow.


    We never rest on our laurels, and are constantly working on ourselves. We invest in research and development, and cooperate with top universities. We operate our own research and development facilities. 


    We are proud that we can now offer the possibility of our company representation in your country. With our products, you will also get a periodically updated database of hot contacts, which will be provided to you by our marketing team.

I want my own trade licence from Future Farming

Join us and get an exclusive licence for Future Farming sales representation on your local market.

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    Our sustainable technologies on state-of-the-art farms in Europe.

    DWC II (Aztec garden) - plant production

    NFT (A-shape) - plant production

    DWC I (GRS) - plant production

    RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems) - fish production

    Trade licence

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I want my own licence
    Why invest in a trade licence from Future Farming?

    We are a Czech-owned company with real technology you can see with your own eyes. Our product quality is far above the traditional market and we are continuously progressing in the development of newly added value. We are in the finals of the TOP 10 Czech Companies competition of SDGs, embracing the UN principles of sustainable development. We have no competitor on the market we operate in and we are already planning to expand to further countries. We believe this is an opportunity that may never come again. What’s more – people will always need to eat.

    What is a Future Farming Trade Licence?

    Trade licences are legal contracts defining the rules, terms and conditions of representation of Future Farming in trade negotiations on a predefined and territorially limited market.

    What are the advantages of a trade licence?

    Business contracts provide the partners with reassurance that they will get a balanced reward for sales of our products and technologies. At the same time, they exactly define the business setting of the long-term cooperation framework.

    What are the other options for investing in modern agriculture

    You can invest in financial products in the form of Future Farming shares.
    Or you can offer us land, greenhouses or halls for the construction of a new aquaponic, hydroponic or RAS farm.

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