BasicFarm 1.0

Technology for families and small groups

BasicFarm 1.0

BasicFarm – your way to sustainable home farming. Start growing fresh vegetables effortlessly and provide food for your family and neighbourhood.

families and small communities

garden shops and hobby markets

educational institutions and research institutes

BasicFarm - domestic organic food production

BasicFarm is simply a smart solution to food self-sufficiency and the opportunity to engage in meaningful and rewarding activities.

The BasicFarm home aquaponic system is designed for seasonal production of fish, vegetables, fruits and herbs from spring to autumn. Alternatively, it can be used year-round in a tempered greenhouse, which allows for stable environmental conditions even during the colder months.

The system provides 448 growing positions for plants and a 1 m³ fish tank installed under the growing tunnels.


  • Own production of sustainable food without agrochemicals
  • Benefits for own health
  • Benefit for the environment
  • Taste, smell, freshness of aquaponic vegetables, fruits, herbs and fish
  • Ease of processing and yield even in the off-season
  • No experience in growing crops and fish farming required
  • High yield in a small space
  • Quality materials, top-quality components and easy installation

BasicFarm installation

The installation of BasicFarm technology is very easy and can be done by anyone. All components fit together thanks to the excellent workmanship. The home organic food production technology is suitable as a free-standing system and as part of a greenhouse to ensure a longer production cycle throughout the year.

Aquaponic fish

Fish play a major role in the aquaponic system. Their organic waste serves as a perfect fertiliser for aquaponic plants. Find out which freshwater fish species we breed and under what conditions they live on our farms.

Aquaponic crops

It is possible to grow up to 80 types of leafy, fruiting and root vegetables in aquaponics. On our aquaponic farms, we grow mainly leafy vegetables and herbs. We also examine freshwater algae and micro-greens. See what species of aquaponic plants we grow.

Capacity and production of the technology

The family aquaponic system takes up only 12 m² (BF 1.1) of space and can be operated anywhere. On built-up or unbuilt land, in the open air or in a greenhouse. The BasicFarm 1.1 has 448 growing positions for plants and a 1 m³ fish tank located under the growing tunnels, so that the entire space is used efficiently. In addition, the fish are kept in the shade and in a pleasant climate. Evaporation of water from the plant leaves reduces the ambient temperature on hot summer days.

  • Plant production

    Our innovative family aquaponics system can grow up to 80 kilograms of fresh leafy vegetables, fruits and herbs per month.

  • Fish production

    Basicfarm 1.1 is an innovative family aquaponics system that produces between 50 and 75 kilograms of freshwater fish in just one year.

  • Organically and without hard work

    BasicFarm’s revolutionary technology combines plant cultivation and fish farming in a harmonious symbiotic environment, providing not only an excellent source of fresh organic food, but also promoting environmental sustainability and saving space. With BasicFarm, you can easily get your own home farm and enjoy a bountiful harvest of vegetables that yields healthy and delicious food right from your own home, without the hard work and complicated maintenance.


Production technology for families and small communities

Aquaponic food growing is easier, healthier and more efficient than traditional gardening. It’s agrochemical-free, doesn’t need to be watered, works from spring to autumn, and people have less work to do.

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