Senica Aquaponic Farm, Slovakia


Senica Aquaponic Farm, Slovakia

Our first foreign project is located in Slovakia, north of Bratislava. As in the Czech Republic, we use state-of-the-art technologies for intensive fish farming and cultivating various vegetables and herbs. The production of the aquaponic farm in Senica is intended for consumption on the local market.


250 tonnes per year


400 tonnes per year

Planned investment framework

10,36 M EUR

completed 25 %

status as of: 1/4/2023

Production aquaponic and fish farm in Senica

The aquaponic farm in the Slovak town of Senica is not only our first foreign project, but also a farm mainly focusing on fish production. Of course, we could not manage without plant production, but fish production in Senica will be twice as big as the lettuce yield. On an area of 5,500 square metres, we plan to grow up to 400 tonnes of fish and 250 tonnes of non-fruiting vegetables per year. The whole production will go to the local market.

  • 4 000 m²

    year-round greenhouse

  • 1 500 m²

    indoor section for fish

  • production of leafy vegetables

  • freshwater fish production

Revitalised brownfield

The farm in Senica is being built on a revitalised brownfield site, which we have adapted for the aquaponic farm needs. As in the Czech Republic, it employs state-of-the-art technologies for intensive fish farming and cultivating various vegetables, herbs and microgreens.

Focus of the Production Aquaponic Eco-Farm in Senica



Aquaponic fish farming

In Senica, we will farm rainbow trout. We plan to produce 400 tonnes of this salmonoid fish annually. Trout farming is technologically very complicated – sufficient oxygen, stable conditions, and a counterflow, which trout need for a happy life and reproduction must be kept in the breeding tanks. The successful farming of such a demanding species proves the quality of our aquaponic technologies and their settings.



Growing aquaponic vegetables

The vegetable part of our vertical organic farm in Senica will be dominated by non-fruiting vegetables, mainly all kinds of lettuces. Thanks to modern technology, including a vertical growing system with heating, cooling and winter-light functions, vegetable production is possible all year round.



Growing aquaponic herbs and micro-greens

Micro-greens, or micro herbs, are young vegetables that are harvested and eaten at the stage when they have reached their first small leaves. They are 2.5 to 15 cm tall vegetables full of aromatic flavour with a high concentration of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. Our aquaponic herbs and microgreens will be supplied to the market both freshly harvested and processed, for example, as a pesto.

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