Kaly Aquaponic Farm


Kaly Aquaponic Farm

We have turned a brownfield site near Brno into a production research vertical farm which, thanks to aquaponic farming, produces hundreds of tonnes of delicious vegetables and fish every year.


45 tonnes per year


50 tonnes per year

Planned investment framework

4.14 M EUR

completed 95 %

status as of: 1/4/2023

Production Research Aquaponic Farm in Kaly

North of Brno, in the village of Kaly, we have built the most modern aquaponic farm in the Czech Republic. It is primarily dedicated to aquaponic food production, but a part of its capacity focuses on scientific research. Innovative technologies are tested, and research activities related to aquaponic plants and fish farming are carried out here. We also use the farm to present aquaponics to the public.


Thanks to modern agriculture, the vertical ecological farm in Kaly near Brno produces 45 tonnes of vegetables and 50 tonnes of fish per year.

  • 800 m²

    indoor section for growing plants

  • 800 m²

    indoor section for fish farming

  • 800 m²

    vertical farming year-round greenhouse

  • 2 000 m²

    seasonal section for outdoor growing


What does it look like inside the Kaly Aquaponic Farm?

An aquaponic, ecological, research and educational farm – this is our farm in Kaly.

Here, we focus on rainbow trout farming and grow leafy vegetables, herbs and micro-greens in the vegetable section. In addition, we grow seedlings here for our other farms. The indoor part of the Kaly Farm indoor produces crops all year round.

Focus of the aquaponic eco-farm in Kaly



Lettuces and herbs

We grow mainly leafy vegetables and herbs in the vegetable section of our vertical ecological farm in Kaly. Some space is also reserved for algae such as spirulina or chlorella. The outdoor growing space is then intended for seasonal aquaponic plants. Other plants, including exotic species, are also a part of the farm’s research activities.

We are going to expand the growing area with outdoor heated greenhouses. The outdoor area of the farm will also be completed, and will be used from March to November to grow herbs and root vegetables and to provide a rest area for visitors to the farm.

Roman lettuce is one of the many aquaponic vegetables grown in our vertical eco-farm in Kaly.



Aquaponic fish farming

In Kaly, we breed rainbow trout, fishing out around 50 tonnes every year. Our aquaponic fish come from domestic hatcheries and always have the appropriate breeding certification. Once we have reached the full production potential of the farm, the fish will only come from our own ecological hatcheries. Trout farming is technologically very complicated – sufficient oxygen, stable conditions, and a counterflow, which trout need for a happy life and reproduction, must be kept in the tanks. The successful farming of such a demanding species proves the quality of our aquaponic technologies and their settings.

Annually, Future Farming’s farm in Kaly produces 50 tonnes of aquaponic rainbow trout, which is very popular among Czech diners.



Academic aquaponics research

There is also a laboratory at Future Farming’s farm in Kaly. It measures water, air, and plant parameters, analyses their root systems and dissects dead fish. It also provides facilities for university students and other researchers. Here, data collection and evaluation or biological risk assessment and the design of possible countermeasures take place. 

We have already collaborated with experts from Mendel University in Brno, the Technical University of Ostrava and the Aquaponics Research Centre in Přáslavice near Olomouc on the design of the Future Farming’s farm in Kaly. We also plan to use the farm to research and develop equipment to reduce energy consumption and operating costs. The goal is to operate an aquaponic farm without the need for fossil fuel sources.

The farm in Kaly is also a base for scientific activities of researchers and university students.

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