Future Farming’s Educational Farms


Future Farming’s Educational Farms

One of the goals of Future Farming is to educate the public and increase general awareness about modern agriculture. That is why we build modern educational aquaponic, hydroponic and aeroponic farms in cooperation with our partners, and use them for scientific purposes, teaching university students, excursions for primary and secondary schools, and visits from the general public.

Excursions to Future Farming’s educational farm

See what it looks like at Future Farming’s agricultural farm. Bring your students and introduce them to the agriculture of the future. During the guided tour, we will show you all aquaponic, hydroponic, and RAS processes. Visit the educational farm and see for yourself how modern agriculture works in practice.


Prague Educational Hydroponic Farm

We have added a hydroponic educational set to the T-Mobile Magenta Experience Centre in the Arkády Pankrác shopping centre. It is used to present modern sustainable agriculture technologies.

Lednice Educational Aquaponic Farm

An aquaponic educational set is located on the premises of the MENDELU Faculty of Horticulture in Lednice. It is used for research, scientific purposes, and teaching and demonstrating aquaponics to university students.

Hlučín Educational Aquaponic Farm

A new educational aquaponic farm has been established in one of the largest horticultural centres in the Ostrava region, aimed at educating primary school and kindergarten pupils of the region.

Bílovec Educational Aquaponic Farm

The Gymnázium Mikuláše Koperníka Grammar School in Bílovec is the first secondary school in the Czech Republic to have its own small aquaponic farm. The farm in Bílovec consists of three modules with a total capacity of 600 seedlings. The aquaponic educational farm also includes a newly built outdoor classroom, a 25m2 greenhouse, raised plant beds and a faunistic room. The area will be extended in the future with an artificial rearing house and a demonstration of aviary bird breeding. The aquaponic farm is an example of low-emission food production and a healthy lifestyle for students of the grammar school. The school will use the cultivated plants of the farm for direct consumption in the school canteen.

Visit the educational farm

The farm excursion is suitable for all those interested in aquaponics: school students, company employees and the general public.

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