Production aquaponic farm in Lážovice


Production aquaponic farm in Lážovice

The Lážovice farm Fish Garden is our  second largest production farm, replacing our originally intended project in Přerov nad Labem. The oldest aquaponic production farm in the Czech Republic started operating as early as 2017 and was integrated into the Future Farming network in September 2023.


18 tonnes per year


200 tonnes per year

Production aquaponic and fish farm in Lážovice

The farm, which covers an area of 1,620 square metres, is located in Lážovice (Beroun district), 46 kilometres south-west of Prague. The farm is primarily designed for the production of aquaponic food. At the moment, this is mainly fish. The Fish Garden aquaponic ecofarm is one of the most successful aquaculture projects in the Czech Republic.

  • 810 m²

    indoor section for growing plants

  • 600 m²

    indoor section for fish farming

  • 18 tonnes per year

    production of leafy vegetables

  • 200 tonnes per year

    African sharptooth catfish production

Strategic importance of the farm

The Lážovice aquaponic farm has a long market history and successful business results, which support the position of our subsidiary, Farmia Food, on the aquaponic product market. Our new acquisition brings significant logistic benefits to our business. Thanks to this farm, Farmia Food can now effectively supply aquaponic food to the Prague metropolitan area, which is very important strategically for us. Additionally, this farm fits perfectly into our growing aquaponic infrastructure, enabling us to expand from our Moravian origins into Bohemia.

Purpose of the Lážovice production aquaponic ecofarm



Growing aquaponic lettuces

The range includes Dubared, Dubagold, and Karminova lettuces, awarded with the Regional Food title. Additionally, the farm grows pak choi (Chinese cabbage) and chard. Thanks to aquaponics, vegetables are produced here 12 months a year, LOCALLY and CLEANLY.



Aquaponic fish farming

The fish section of the Lážovice ecofarm is based on recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS). The farm produces fish with an exclusive taste and premium quality. The fish receive exceptional care and their breeding is approached with responsibility and respect. The range includes various trout and catfish species, plus carp, tilapia, and sturgeon.



Growing aquaponic herbs

Aquaponic herb growing is a very effective way of having fresh herbs available all year round. The range includes different varieties of basil, coriander, parsley, chillies, and chives.

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