Production aquaponic farm in Brno-Heršpice


Production aquaponic farm in Brno-Heršpice

The largest vertical aquaponic farm in the Czech Republic, where aquaponics is a synonym for ecology. The farm has been built on a brownfield site and uses solar energy to operate as much as possible.


770 tonnes per year


320 tonnes per year

Planned investment framework

9.12 M EUR

completed 75 %

status as of: 1/4/2023

Production aquaponic and fish farm in Brno-Heršpice

Our farm in Brno-Dolní Heršpice is the largest aquaponic production farm in the Czech Republic. The renovated shed and sun-heated greenhouses are adapted for year-round aquaponic cultivation of leafy vegetables, herbs, and farming warm-water fish. The products of this aquaponic farm are primarily intended for customers from Brno and the surrounding areas.

The greenhouses in Brno-Heršpice are equipped with modern roofing with high insulation capacity so that it is possible to breed warm-water African sharptooth catfish all year round with very favourable energy costs. Solar energy is used to heat the greenhouses in an environmentally friendly way.

  • 9 000 m²

    year-round greenhouse

  • 1 500 m²

    indoor section for fish farming

  • 770 tonnes per year

    production of leafy vegetables

  • 320 tonnes per year

    African sharptooth catfish production


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Focus of the production aquaponic eco-farm in Brno-Dolní Heršpice



Growing aquaponic vegetables

We used brownfield land to build the Heršpice farm, now dominated by sun-heated greenhouses where we grow various species of leafy, fruiting and root vegetables. We use a vertical growing system with heating, cooling and winter light, allowing food production throughout the year.

Oak leaf lettuce is one of many aquaponic vegetables grown in our vertical eco-farm in Brno-Heršpice.



Aquaponic fish farming

The aquaponic farm in Heršpice contains aquaponic fish farming facilities, specifically for the African sharptooth catfish. Catfish is a fish whose meat is considered a culinary speciality due to its juiciness and high protein content.

Annually, the farm in Brno-Heršpice produces 320 tonnes of African sharptooth catfish, which is very popular with Czech diners.



Growing aquaponic seedlings

We have also set aside space at our farm in Brno-Heršpice for a farm house for aquaponic seedlings, which we also supply to our other aquaponic farms. The goal is to achieve complete independence from seed to seedling and mature vegetables so that we can grow everything under supervision on our aquaponic eco-farms.

Growing our own seedlings leads not only to self-sufficiency in crop production, but also to lower operating costs. We do not have to import seedlings from abroad.

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