Future Farming’s Farms

Future Farming builds aquaponic infrastructure in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. They provide their international partners with comprehensive services for aquaponics, hydroponics, and RAS systems. They employ their know-how and innovations in precision vertical farming around the world to deliver parts of technology, as well as to deliver process units and build farms.


Farms are distinguished according to technology between aquaponic, hydroponic and RAS, and further according to their focus on production research, production, and education.

Educational farms

Facilities and farms aimed at educating the public.
Future Farming’s Educational Farms

Research farms

Zařízení a farmy napojené na vědu, výzkum a transfer technologií.
Future Farming’s Educational Farms


Take a look at Future Farming’s aquaponic production research farm in Kaly

Aquaponic, vertical and ecological; this is Future Farming’s farm in Kaly near Brno

Technologies on Future Farming’s Farms



Aquaponics is a system based on a natural fertiliser cycle in nature: animals provide nutrition to plants, and plants provide nutrition to animals. In advanced aquaponics, unlike in nature, this system is controlled.

Benefits of aquaponics:

  • Combined freshwater fish farming and plant cultivation

  • Water savings of up to 95% compared to conventional agriculture

  • Year-round production independent of the weather

  • Extremely healthy, tasty, and nutritionally valuable products

  • Incomparable yields compared to conventional agriculture



Hydroponics is a modern and exceptionally pure way of growing plants without soil in a nutrient solution. Basically, a plant, a nutrient solution and a growing medium to hold the plant in a pot are all that are needed for such cultivation.

Benefits of hydroponics:

  • Low water consumption

  • Lower risk of pests

  • Perfect control of plant nutrition

  • Higher growing efficiency

  • Higher production yields



Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) represent the future of intensive fish farming. Only in RAS can fish be bred intensively and in a fully controlled environment. This method is also environmentally friendly and sustainable, with minimal impact on the surrounding ecosystems.

Benefits of RAS:

  • Low water consumption

  • High stocking rate in a small area

  • Elimination of diseases from the external environment

  • Minimalised impact on surrounding ecosystems

  • Optimal conditions for growth all year round


Why invest in Future Farming?

We build our know-how on modern agriculture technologies – advanced aquaponics, hydroponics, and RAS. We have a completely closed economy and supply chain. We are a secure economic field.


    A promising and highly profitable business field 

    People will always eat, and that makes our business promising and highly profitable. The payback period of an aquaponic farm is of 3 to 7 years, depending on the specific project. Let your money work, create a stable source of income and support a project that directly impacts our planet and the lives of future generations.


    Aquaponics is the most modern form of agriculture

    Aquaponics is modern, but not new. On the contrary, this method returns to original principles of nature, i.e. the symbiosis of plants and fish. Future Farming develops this pure farming method in the most modern form using its own technology and connections with several universities.


    The largest aquaponics company with global ambitions

    Future Farming is the largest aquaponic company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and has ambitions to become a global leader in advanced aquaponics, hydroponics, and RAS. Future Farming’s partners include banks, such as Česká spořitelna, the financial group GFF, and private investors.


    Investing in a promising and highly profitable industry

    The farm in Brno-Heršpice is the largest aquaponic farm in Europe. Even so, it covers only 0.083% of total vegetable consumption in the Czech Republic. To cover 10% of the Czech market with aquaponics, we would have to build aquaponic farms worth CZK 19.5 billion. The gap in the market and, therefore, the investment potential are still huge.

Future Farming offers technologies for modern agriculture

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