What is the added value of aquaponics for crops?

The uniqueness of aquaponically grown vegetables lies primarily in their organic quality. This is because no artificial fertilisers or chemical sprays are used in their cultivation.

However, the benefits are not just about production; aquaponics has benefits in a broader sense. It is a natural cycle. In conventional farming, the soil needs to be pre-supplied with nutrients, fertilised, and so on, while in aquaponics, heavy agro-techniques need not be used as on arable land, which is increasingly depleted and degraded. As such, the soil also contains heavy metals and is polluted, whereas these do not occur in an aquaponic system.

In aquaponics, there is a perfect use of space and area compared to conventional cultivation in the soil, where we are forced to grow only in season, and there is a risk of losing crops due to pests, diseases, drought, or flooding.

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