The future of modern agriculture 2024 – Global expansion, innovation and sustainable development

The future of modern agriculture 2024 – Global expansion, innovation and sustainable development

In 2024, Future Farming is expanding globally, fostering tech sales and research partnerships beyond Central Europe. Teaming up with Polish company Food For Future Technologies, we’re venturing into seaweed biorefining for sustainable food production. Our joint efforts aim at water and nitrogen recycling, positioning Future Farming as a leader in eco-friendly agriculture. A groundbreaking project on biostimulants from brown algae and collaborative innovation underscore our commitment to shaping a sustainable and efficient future in modern agriculture.

Exciting news from Future Farming

In 2024, Future Farming is all about global expansion and strengthening ties in tech sales and research, not just in Central Europe! Our main mission is to extend our influence worldwide by deepening business bonds and collaborating on groundbreaking research projects. We’re committed to sustainable development in modern agriculture, pushing innovations for efficient and eco-friendly food production.

Foreign market entry – Poland

We’ve inked a collaboration memorandum with the Polish company, Food For Future Technologies (F4F), kicking off a dynamic partnership. F4F, a Polish-Norwegian startup, specializes in seaweed biorefining for innovative food production aligned with circular economy principles. Their focus on large-scale biorefining and recirculating aquaculture systems ensures healthy, high-quality food while respecting the environment.

F4F’s research includes growing crops on aquaculture wastewater, a golden opportunity for Future Farming to become a global leader in water and nitrogen recycling for sustainable food production. Together, we’re shaping the future of modern agriculture in an eco-friendly way.

Launching a game-changing project 

We’re initiating a large-scale project in biorefining biostimulants based on brown algae. Armed with cutting-edge technology and top-notch intermediates, our algae extract packs protective and growth-stimulating compounds:

  • Laminarin induces plant immunity mechanisms, countering diseases like soft rot.
  • Amino acids offer an accessible building block for plant biomass. Betaine boosts resistance to stresses like drought.
  • Phytohormones control plant physiological reactions, promoting growth and flowering. Natural extracts, as opposed to synthetic alternatives, are our focus.

Partnerships for innovation

Our collaboration with F4F isn’t just a business deal; it’s a fusion of forces bringing innovation to modern agriculture. We’re all about sharing ideas, connecting experts, and creating synergies for more efficient and eco-friendly food production. Together, we’re setting standards for sustainable agriculture, paving the way to a better and healthier future for all.

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