Future Farming to Introduce More Powerful Technologies at GreenTech

Future Farming to Introduce More Powerful Technologies at GreenTech

Future Farming has successfully completed the development of more effective technologies for modern agriculture. The sustainable, functional, and proven technologies, which exceed the current market range, will be introduced to the world at the June GreenTech exhibition in Amsterdam. We are looking forward to this opportunity to enter the global market and start building aquaponic infrastructure beyond Czech borders. Be there with us.

Our company, Future Farming, is demonstrating our ability to continuously innovate our technologies in the field of modern agriculture and offer new unique solutions in advanced aquaponics, hydroponics, and RAS. Thanks to our Research and Development team and long intensive collaboration with professional institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad, we have managed to successfully complete projects that have enabled us to increase the efficiency of our technologies by dozens of per cent compared to our competitors.

GreenTech Amsterdam is a meeting place for all experts involved in modern agricultural technologies. It’s a place for networking, trading, and sharing experience among professionals from all over the world. The exhibition will offer visitors a complete overview of products and services from leading world producers and innovators in the field. Future Farming will also take part this year to introduce our breakthrough technologies there.

How does Future Farming help sustainable future agriculture?

✓ We exclusively invest in green technologies.

We utilise waste from RAS farms to produce organic fertilisers for hydroponics.

✓ We develop a circular economy system from in-house produced feedstuffs to biological waste processing.

✓ Our products are distributed locally, so we don’t burden the environment with excessive emissions from long-distance transport.

In June 2023, Future Farming will attend the GreenTech Amsterdam exhibition, where we’ll introduce our unique technologies for advanced aquaponics, hydroponics, and RAS (systems for intensive fish farming in a controlled environment). These technologies aim to support sustainable agricultural development.

While more and more farmers are trying to introduce various sustainable procedures, Future Farming technologies can help them address some of the greatest challenges they face today. Technologies by Future Farming protect and improve crops, resist unfavourable climatic effects, and optimise the effective use of resources.

At the GreenTech Amsterdam exhibition, Future Farming will demonstrate our functional technologies, and we’ll also provide virtual access to one of our aquaponic farms. Exhibition visitors will learn how our technologies can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create more intensive and more sustainable agricultural systems, and increase productivity.

Visit the GreenTech Amsterdam exhibition held between 13 and 15 June 2023. Visit us at stand 05.412 to learn how Future Farming is working on the creation of the sustainable future of agriculture.

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