Artificial intelligence will get involved on Future Farming farms operation

Artificial intelligence will get involved on Future Farming farms operation

The strategic partnership between Future Farming and GrowDirector is leading to a new era in the automation and efficiency of aquaponic farms through advanced artificial intelligence and innovative technologies.

In January 2024, we held commercial negotiations with the Israeli company GrowDirector to improve the automation of Future Farming’s aquaponic production farms. Like us, GrowDirector is united by research and expertise, practical experience and innovation in modern agriculture. The strategic partnership with Grow Director is the result of a two-year tender for a hardware and software supplier to take the automation and efficiency of our aquaponic farms to the next level.

Artificial intelligence on farms

GrowDirector is distinguished by its research and innovation in agriculture and has advanced automation technologies for optimized crop production. GrowDirector develops and offers control units that turn growing crops into an automated process. This makes it easy for growers of any skill level to monitor and manage their operation directly from a mobile device – smartphone or tablet – using universal software.

Our collaboration with GrowDirector will allow us to implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) on data from the last 3 years of operations, leading to significant optimization of the entire operation of our large-scale production farms.

Automation and data collection

A key element of the collaboration will be automation and data collection, which will allow us to analyze and predict trends and patterns, accurately monitor all aspects of our farm operations and more. 

With advanced sensors and technology, farmers will be able to monitor and manage everything from water quality to fish and plant welfare. Such monitoring will ensure more efficient and detailed farm management, helping to optimize breeding and improve conditions for fish and plants on aquaponic, hydroponic and RAS farms.

Structured data storage

Another important procedure will be structured data storage. This practice will allow easy access to information and quick analysis. Using modern database systems and cloud storage will ensure that data is easily accessible and ready for processing. In this way, rapid decision making can be effectively supported as information will be structured and easily accessible. And this will facilitate the process of analyzing and selecting the necessary data.

This step puts Future Farming on a world-class level in bringing state-of-the-art innovations to food production. GrowDirector chose Future Farming to work with because it is one of the few companies that owns data on the operation of aquaponic systems at industrial scale over several years. Another advantage is the comprehensiveness of the collected data, including winter and summer operations, the interconnection of fish farms and plant systems and the overall perfect sensory equipment of the farms. Artificial intelligence can eliminate human errors in the production process while optimally managing technological units to save energy, time and money.

The collaboration between Future Farming and GrowDirector shows that with modern technology, artificial intelligence and strategic partnerships, significant advances in sustainable agriculture can be achieved. We look forward to this collaboration having a positive impact on the entire modern agriculture sector and contributing to more sustainable food production.

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