Aquaponics celebrates world water day all year long

Aquaponics celebrates world water day all year long

World Water Day, celebrated on March 22 each year, is not just an important day to recognize how essential water is for humankind. It’s also our special holiday. That’s because our company, Future Farming, is currently one of the TOP 10 Czech enterprises which have actual potential to change the world for the better. We’re on that list for our exemplary environmentally conscious use of water, which is a hallmark of aquaponics.

World Water Day as the motivation to seek solutions 

The UN declared the first World Water Day in 1993 in response to the alarming facts that up to a billion people face a lack of water and many more have limited access to water sources. Our project, Aquaponics Future Farming, made it into the top ten among 238 evaluated projects in our country because it effectively helps fulfill the UN principles of sustainable development. That is, precisely as the Association of Social Responsibility and its prestigious SDG Action Awards require.

A lack of water is a problem around the whole world; however, in our country we have been experiencing this more intensively in the last few years. The value of water is constantly rising and thus we are looking for ways to maximally conserve it. Aquaponic systems, which provide vegetables and fish for consumption, perfectly fulfill this mission. This timeless vertical method of raising plants and fish saves up to 95% of water compared to classical agriculture. How is this possible?

It’s all about water

Aquaponics is a system based on water – plants need it for their growth; fish need it for their development. The entire system is set up so that water constantly circulates. Water carries nutrients for the fish and also passes through special biofilters which enrich the water with beneficial bacteria. The bacteria contribute nitrates, which are used by the roots of the plants. In this continuous cycle, water ensures the growth of both plants and animals in perfect symbiosis. No chemical sprays or fertilizers are used, in order to maintain the optimal environment, thus our food products are extraordinarily clean.

Constant development and improvement 

Future Farming offers a simple solution to the problem of how to use and genuinely conserve even limited water supplies and thus to create a sustainable future. With each newly built aquaponic farm, Future Farming demonstrates how to eliminate the issue of lack of water. Solutions can be found for any project in any area. And if that isn’t enough, Future Farming, in cooperation with the company Organta and with Mendel University in Brno is ambitiously proving that all water can be used. Even wastewater.

Even aquaponic farms produce a small amount of wastewater, for example, from cleaning filters. Since this water is not chemically contaminated, it can immediately bring benefits. From our wastewater it’s possible to use solid organic residue from the fish as well as the treated water. The organic residues can be composted and used as fertilizer while the treated water can be returned to the system.

Aquaponic systems make sense as a sustainable method of growing food with an absolute minimum use of water, which is important not only on World Water Day. Given the increasing interest in this method of raising vegetables and fish, Future Farming is offering unique investment opportunities. You can join the challenge to JOIN US in aquaponics and become part of a sensible future and sustainable food self-sufficiency.

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