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We are cultivating the future by developing hi-tech aquaponic farms. In the desert, in the tundra... anywhere. What about at your place?

Future Farming

Our mission

We have a clear vision for tomorrow’s food self-sufficiency – an approach that will benefit both humankind and nature. Aquaponics will one day help feed millions of people around the world. After all, it already facilitates growing food of such high quality and taste that traditional agriculture starting to fall behind.

20 300 m2

of growing and breeding area

574 t

of fish farmed

1068 t

of lettuce produced


farms in Europe and Asia

Spreading aquaponics

Where has the future already taken root? So far, we have entered these markets...









Put your region on tomorrow's map

Together, we will work for better food quality in your country, too. Get involved and become our partner.

Invest in the future

With the support of true experts

Science is on our side

In addition to representatives from the Aquaponics Association, Czech science universities are also involved. We are actively cooperating with them in further developing our technologies, and in searching for the broader possibilities of aquaponics as a field.


Meet us

Future Farming team

Aquaponics is changing the way food is grown. You no longer need large areas of land, fields or plantations. A suitable space from 8 m2 with an electricity supply is sufficient.

Michal Fojtík

Founder and visionary of Future Farming

The great advantage for us is that this form of investment does not incur any investment costs, but only operating costs.

Martin Podoba

Analyst and economist of Future Farming

The genius of aquaponics

We see aquaponics as an intelligent combination of modern technology with the natural symbiosis of plants and fish

We are pushing the already sophisticated system of nature itself to the very limits of ingenuity. In a closed water circuit, we let the fish provide fertilizer to the plants, which then clean the water by pumping it back to the fish. This gives rise to remarkable results: Without using artificial fertilisers or other chemicals, we consume a minimum of water and energy, while obtaining yields many times higher than conventional farming.

95% water savings thanks to a closed circuit in which water has nowhere to seep or run off.

70% energy savings due to farms having minimum maintenance requirements.

We produce as much yield per 1000 m2 as 2 hectares of fields or 20 hectares of ponds.

Our production is also in demand thanks to being free of artificial fertilizers and GMOs.

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Let your finances grow as healthy as our lettuce. We offer you an appreciation of up to 14 % per year.

Increase the value of your land

The next farm of the future could grow on your land. Especially if it is near a big city and it is an old agricultural building, vacant hall or brownfield site.

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